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Research Fellows

We welcome researchers from the UK and overseas and actively collaborate with other centres in Europe, Israel and the United States.

Visiting Fellows

Professor Jack Jacobs

City University of New York (2018)

Dr Grzegorz Krzywiec

Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences (2018)

Dr Marcel Stoetzler

Bangor University (2017)

Professor Alessandra Tarquini

University of Rome (2013)

Dr Anya Topolski

Radboud University (2013)

Dr Joanna Michlic

Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, Brandeis University (2012)

Honorary Research Fellows

Dr Louise London

Independent scholar (from 2017)

Dr Keith Kahn-Harris Goldsmith, University of London (from 2012)

Dr David Seymour

City, University of London (2011)

Associate Research Fellows

Dr Diana I. Popescu

Independent scholar (from 2019)

Dr David Ranan

Independent scholar (from 2018)

Dr Vivi Lachs

Independent scholar (from 2017)

Dr Dave Rich

Independent scholar (from 2016)


To find out more about fellowship opportunities at the Pears Institute, please contact the Director, Professor David Feldman:

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The Pears Institute is a respected source of independent advice and comment on antisemitism, contributing to policy formation and public debate.

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