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Past Postgraduate Research Students

Research Students

Helen Carr, supervised by David Feldman, was awarded her doctorate in 2018, for a thesis entitled 'Muslim and the state education system: England c.1965-1997'. Helen was the beneficiary of the Pears Institute Eric Salama PhD Studentship.

Robin Sisson, supervised by David Feldman, explored 'The Relationship Between British Trade Unions and Black and Asian Workers 1968-80'.

Danae Karydaki, supervised by Daniel Pick, was awarded her doctorate in 2016 for a thesis entitled 'Mapping ‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man’: A Historical and Historiographical Investigation into the Columbus Centre for the Study of Persecution and Genocide (University of Sussex, 1961-1981)”. She now writes for various news websites, newspapers and political magazines and as a freelance editor and translator.

Dave Rich, supervised by David Feldman, was awarded his doctorate in 2015 for a thesis entitled 'Zionists and anti-Zionists: Political Protest and Student Activism in Britain, 1968-86'. Dave is now an associate of the Pears Institute.

Visiting Postgraduate Researchers

Bernadette Edtmaier, University of Salzburg. Bernadette analysed debates about antisemitism and anti-Zionism and the various ways these terms are used. She joined the Pears Institute in September 2015. 

Amir Heinitz, Technical University Berlin. Amir researched Friedrich Rosen and German Relations with the Orient, 1856-1935. He joined the Pears Institute in January 2015

Ilka Schroeder, Technical University Berlin. Ilka's doctoral thesis explores the connection between modern antisemitism and nationalism. She joined the Pears Institute in April 2014. 

Max Czollek, Free University, Berlin. Max’s doctoral research concerns ‘The methodologies of antisemitism’. He joined the Pears Institute for six months, January to June 2013, to explore discourse on Antisemitism in Britain.

Björn Milbradt, The Graduate School of Group Focused Enmity, Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany. Björn has a PhD Fellowship to explore: 'The Perceptions of the Ongoing Financial Crisis and the Greed of ‘Big Money’ – An Investigation into the Change of Contemporary Antisemitism.' He joined the Pears Institute April-August 2011.